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Tables, Chests & Desks

Adam Antiques offers an appealing selection of quality antique tables, chests and desks.

If you are interested in purchasing an item or require further information then please press the Get in Touch button quoting the reference number of the item you are interested in.


A1165 - George III Serpentine Fronted Sideboard


A George 111 Mahogany Serpentine Front Sideboard, cross banded and satinwood strung, fitted with a central drawer lined for cutlery, flanked by two cupboard doors, on square tapered legs and spade feet.


Circa 1800

W: 143cm (56.3")H: 94cm (37")D: 59cm (23.2")

A1164 - George III Bow Fronted Sideboard


A Superb George III Mahogany  Bow Front Sideboard, cross banded, satinwood strung and inlaid, the centre drawer above sliding tambours and flanked by arched inlaid fans, with deep cellarette drawers on either side, on square tapered legs and spade feet. 


Circa 1800


W: 171cm (67.3")H: 97cm (38.2")D: 72cm (28.3")


A1173 - William IV Birds Eye Maple and Parcel Gilt Cabinet


A Very Rare William IV Birds Eye Maple and Parcel Gilt Cabinet, enclosed by two glazed doors, with a mottled grey marble top. 


Circa 1840.


W: 82cm (32.3")H: 84cm (33.1")D: 42cm (16.5")

A1157 - Regency Mahogany Sofa Table


A lovely quality Regency Mahogany sofa table fitted with two drawers and opposing dummy drawers, on standard end supports joined by a turned stretcher, and on fluted legs.


Circa 1815.


W closed 37.8ins (96cms) W open 56.3ins (143cms) D 25.6ins (65cms)

H 27.2ins (69cms)


A1028 - George III Drop Flap Occasional Table


A George III Mahogany Drop Flap Occasional Table, fitted two drawers and opposing dummy drawers, on square tapered legs with the original castors.

Circa 1800.  

w open 29” (74cms) closed 15.5”(39cms) d22” (56cms) h28” (71cms)

A1152 - 18th Century Hepplewhite Mahogany & Cross Banded Bow Front Chest


An exceptional hepplewhite mahogany and cross banded bow front chest, fitted with a brushing slide and 3 long drawers beneath fitted with their original handles, on splay feet.


Circa 1790

W: 99cm (39")H: 87cm (34.3")D: 56cm (22")

IMG_4211 (2)_edited.jpg

A1124 - George II Mahogany Card Table


A Rare George II Mahogany Card Table, the fold over top lined with baize and having dishes counter wells and candle stands, opening with a concertina action, on club legs and pad feet.

Circa 1740

W 31ins (79cms) D 15ins (38cms) H 28.5ins (73cms)

A1131 - Decorated  Coffee Table


A  Unique Decorated  Coffee Table, inset with original eighteenth century lacquer panels.

L 55ins (147cms) D 18.5ins (47cms) H 18ins (46cms)


A1155 - Regencey Drop Flap Table


A regency mahogany drop flap table, fitted with two drawers, on unusual quadruple scroll supports to a platform and splay legs.


Circa 1820.


W: 35cm (13.8")H: 68cm (26.8")D: 63cm (24.8")

A961 - Sheraton Mahogany Oval Pembroke Table


A Very Rare Sheraton Mahogany Oval Pembroke Table, fitted with a bow front drawer containing 3 removable caddies with burr yew lids, on exquisite fluted tapering legs.  Circa 1790

29”H (74cms) 40”W open (102cms) 30”D (76cms) 


A1169 - William IV Mahogany Writing Table


A William IV Mahogany Writing Table of an exceptional size and quality, fitted with two drawers and opposing dummy drawers, with an old burgundy hide writing surface, on end standard supports united by a turned stretcher.   


Circa 1840


W: 148cm (58.3")H: 74cm (29.1")D: 74cm (29.1")

A1160 - George II Style Console Table and Pier Mirror


A superb quality George II style carved giltwood pier mirror with console table bellow.

These pieces are attributed to Charles Tozer established in the earlier twentieth century at 25 Brook St London and renowned for the finest quality pieces.

A George II style carved giltwood console table, the frieze with a shell carved centrepiece, on acanthus carved cabriole legs and Lion paw feet.


Circa 1920.


Table Dimensions:

Height:79cm Width:91cm Depth:45cm


Mirror Dimensions:

Height:113cm Width:61cm


A1014 - 19th Century Mahogany Tripod Table


A good 19th Century Mahogany snap top circular Tripod Table, with a pie crust edger, on a turned column and  carved triple splay legs.   Circa 1850

33ins D (84cms) 29ins H (74cms) 

A1015 - George III Mahogany Supper Table


A good George III Mahogany Supper table, with a reeded edged octagonal top, on a vase shaped turned column and splay legs .  Circa 1800  

27ins Square (69cms),  29ins H (74cms) 


A1004 - Sheraton Mahogany Pembroke Table


A Sheraton Mahogany , satinwood and ebony strung Pembroke Table, fitted drawer, on square tapering legs .  Circa 1790. 

19ins W Closed (48cms) 36ins W Open (92cms) 26ins D (66cms) 28ins H (71cms)


A1025 - Regency Style Mahogany Dining Table


A Regency Style Mahogany Dining Table, the reeded edge solid mahogany top and extra leaf of the Georgian Period, the later bases having turned column and splay legs to to claw castors.

74.75ins L with Leaf (190cms) 53.5ins without Leaf (136cms) 38ins W (96.5cms) 28.5ins H (72cms)

A1045 - Regency Style Mahogany Dining Table


A Fine Quality Regency Style Solid Mahogany Dining Table, with two additional leaves, on gun barrel columns and quadruple fluted splay legs. The table will seat ten people comfortably. 

10' Long fully extended, 3' 9" Wide, 2' 5" High

IMG_2983 (2).jpg

A1159 - Mid 18th Century Oak Chest on Stand


A fine mid 18th century oak chest on stand, crossbanded and strung, of 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers, with columned sides and dentil cornice above, the stand with 3 small drawers and a pierced frieze, on cabriole legs and pad feet.


Circa 1760 

W: 102cm (40.2")H: 153cm (60.2")D: 52cm (20.5")

A1153 - Regency Bow Front Side Table


A fine Regency Mahogany ebony beaded and cross banded bow front side table, on tapered fluted legs.

Circa 1820.

W: 107cm (42.1")H: 82cm (32.3")D: 57cm (22.4")


A1073 - Georgian Mahogany  Side Table


A Georgian Mahogany  Side Table of an unusually small size, fitted with two drawers, on square chamfered legs.

Circa 1800.

21” W ( 53cms) 14.5” D (37cms) 28” H ( 71cms)

A1071 - Sheraton Mahogany Bow Front Side Table


A Good Sheraton Mahogany and Satinwood Strung Bow Front Side Table, on square tapered reeded legs. 

Circ 1790

36” W (91cms) 19” D (48cms) 31” H  (79cms)

IMG_0071 (2).jpg

A1076 - 18th Century Dutch Burr Walnut Side Cabinet


A Wonderful Early 18th Century Dutch Burr Walnut Side Cabinet, of serpentine shape and herringbone banded throughout, fitted with four graduated drawers and flanking cupboard doors, on bun feet.

Circa 1700

34" W (86cms) 22" D (55cms) 31.5" H (90cms) 

A1090 - George III Mahogany & Cross Banded Sideboard


An Exceptional George III Mahogany and Cross Banded Sideboard, of break and bow front outline, the centre drawer flanked two drawers and a deep cellarette drawer, on square tapered legs and block feet. 

66" W (168cms) 21" D (54cms) 36" H (91.5cms)


A1067 - 18th Century Mahogany Tray Top Commode


An 18th Century Mahogany and ebony strung Tray Top Commode, having two doors and a converted pull out leather lined  slide, on square chamfered legs.

Circa 1780

22” W (56cms) 19” D (48cms) 28.5” H (72cms)

A1106 - George II Bur Walnut Side Table


A very rare George II burr walnut and feather banded single drawer side table, on pad feet.

Circa 1740.

W: 64cm (25.2") H: 71cm (28") D: 46cm (18.1")


A1120 - Regency Tripod Table


An excellent Regency mahogany rectangular tripod table on a fitted column and splay legs.

Circa 1820. 

W: 50.5cm (19.9") H: 74cm (29.1") D: 40cm (15.7")

A1119 - George III Dish Top Table


A good George III mahogany octagonal dish top tripod table on a vase shaped column and splay legs.

Circa 1780. 

H: 74cm (29.1") Di: 47cm (18.5")


A1099 - 18th Century Dutch Oval Satinwood Table


An important 18th Century Dutch oval satinwood centre table profusely banded in purple heart and strung in boxwood and ebony, fitted with an end drawer - on finely tapered legs and brass ball feet.

Circa 1790.

W: 111cm (43.7") H: 75cm (29.5") D: 72cm (28.3")

IMG_0162 (2).jpg

A1116 - George II Mahogany Tea Table


George II Mahogany fold over tea table, fitted drawer, on tapering legs and pad feet.

Circa 1740.

30” W (77cms) 15” D (38cms) 29” H (74cms)

A1121 - Chippendale Cuban Mahogany Side Table


Fine Quality Chippendale Cuban Mahogany Side Table, fitted one long drawer, on square chamfered legs.

Circa 1780

34” W (87cms) 18” D (46cms) 30” H (77cms)

IMG_0172 (2).jpg

A1118 - Early Regency MahoganyServing Table


A Good Early Regency Mahogany and Ebony Cock Beaded Serving Table. The centre drawer flanked by two drawers and one deep drawer, all with the original handles, on turned tapering legs.

Circa 1810

54” W (137cms) 19.5” D (48cms) 30” H (77cms)

A1087 - 18th Century Mahogany Bedside Cabinet


A Good 18th Century Mahogany Bedside Cabinet with galleried top, fitted two doors and a converted drawer beneath. 

Circa 1780

21” W (53cms) 18” D (46cms) 30” H (77cms)

IMG_0174 (2).jpg.jpg

A1125 - 19th Century Mahogany Pedestal Desk


A Fine Quality 19th Century Mahogany Pedestal Desk, free standing and fitted with nine drawers. Inset with a gilt tooled hide writing surface. 

Circa 1870 

W 54ins (136cms) D 27ins (69cms) H 29ins (75cms)

A1134 - Sheraton Pembroke Table


A lovely Sheraton mahogany satinwood crossbanded pembroke table, fitted drawer and opposing dummy drawer, on square tapering lags.

Crica 1800. 

102cm wide with flaps up.

W: 46cm (18.1")H: 72cm (28.3")D: 80cm (31.5")


A1133 - Sheraton Console Table


An important Sheraton satinwood and purple heart cross banded D end Console table on square tapered legs and spade feet.

Crica 1790

W: 107cm (42.1")H: 75cm (29.5")D: 50cm (19.7")

A1132 - Mahogany Tripod Table


A Regency mahogany and cross-banded rectangular tripod table, the tip-up top supported by a turned column and triple reeded splay legs.

Circa 1810.

W: 73cm (28.7")H: 71cm (28")D: 49cm (19.3")


A1139 - Sheraton Mahogany Sideboard


A Fine Sheraton Mahogany, Tulipwood and Satinwood banded and strung Serpentine Front Sideboard of a lovely colour and quality.

The centre drawer is flanked by two deep drawers, one being lead lined with divisions for bottles, on square tapered legs and spade toes. 

Circa 1780.

W: 57ins (145 cms) D: at deepest 27.5ins (70cms) H: 36ins (92cms)

A1138 - George III 

Mahogany Bow Front Chest


A  Small George III Mahogany Bow Front Chest, of three graduate cockbeaded drawers, the flush top strung in ebony and satinwood, on splay feet.

Circa 1800  

W: 30ins (77cms) D: 17.5ins (44.5cms) H: 32ins (82cms)

IMG_4225 (2).jpg

A1147 - George III Mahogany Semi Elliptical Commode


An important George III Mahogany and Satinwood Crossbanded Semi Elliptical Commode of a lovely colour.

The four central graduated drawers are flanked by pairs of cupboard doors, on square tapered legs and spade feet.

Circa 1790

W: 48" (123cms) D: 23.5" (60cms) H: 34.5" (88cms)

A1143 - George III Inlaid Satinwood Pembroke Table


A Superb George III Satinwood and Inlaid Pembroke Table of an outstanding colour and quality.

Fitted with a drawer, on square tapered legs with brass castors.

Circa 1790

W: 41" (104cms) D: 29.5 (75cms) H: 28.5 (72.5cms)


A1148 - Regency Rosewood Occasional Table


A Lovely Regency Rosewood, Brass Strung and Gilt Metal Mounted Occasional Table.

Fitted with a drawer and leopard's mask handles, on scroll end supports and stretchers.

Circa 1820

W: 23" (58cms) D: 15.5" (40.5cms) H: 29.5" (75cms)

A1142 - George III Satinwood Writing Table


A Rare George III Satinwood, Tulipwood Banded and Ebony Strung Writing Table.

Having rectangular hinged, ratcheted brown leather top with rising silk lined panel at the rear edge.

Fitted with a drawer and a leather lined slide above, on square tapered legs. 

Circa 1790

W: 21.5" (54cms) D: 16" (40cms) H: 30.5" (77cms)


A1150 - Queen Anne Walnut Bureau


A Superb Queen Anne Walnut and Feather and Cross Banded Bureau, fitted with two short and three long graduated drawers, the fall flap disclosing numerous small drawers, on bracket feet, with magnificent original carrying handles to the sides. 


Circa 1700.


 W: 33.5ins (85cms) H: 39ins (99cms) D: 20.5ins(52cms)

A1151 - George II Cuban Mahogany Side Table


A good George II Cuban Mahogany Free Standing Side Table, fitted single drawer, on cabriole legs and pad feet. 


Circa 1740.


W: 30.5ins (77cms) H: 29.5ins (75cms) D: 20ins (51cms)

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